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Space Art Initiated it as a new art movement I have put plenty of effort over twenty years.Although many art critics criticize my style pasitively for art lovers accepting Space Art as a new style might require a long time . Because it has some extraordinary lines.The idea of opening a new window between fantasia and real world via definig space with my own art style has come into the words in period of time taking many years.Initiating a new art movement here with these lines for the first time has got deep meaning for me .I promise myself to speed up my works in order to get the art lovers felt the same feelings.My newly drawn,formed and opened to share works will be taken to abroad.Thanks to you all of my new desings are done with the motivation I got from the poems writtten with real feeling by members of would like to thanks you all for sharing your poems by which I am inspired.Very truly yours If Space Art as a new art movement finds its place in world of art this will be result of your heartfelt poems.Very truly yours

Founder and president of Quantum Idea Group Ahmet Nuray

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On 2 Aralık 2008 20:34 , Sadia Hussain dedi ki...

You have a unique style of presenting your ideas. Very imaginative.

On 2 Aralık 2008 23:14 , Everybody Geek dedi ki...

I'm not really into art, so I know very little about it. But I have to say that you have some very unique ideas, like Space Art. I really hope you can make it work!